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Frank B.


“Wonderful doing business with the entire team of folks at Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management! Our Adviser, Adrian Elder and his Executive Assistant, Heather Parcel are responsive and caring. Adrian and YIG are fair, honest and trustworthy. They sincerely appreciate us as clients and we sincerely appreciate Adrian and his advice, guidance and listening skills.”

Terri K.


“I retired from the State of AZ in 2009 and got a large lump sum that Yuma Investment invested for me. Since that time, we have opened Roth Accounts and transferred all of our retirement accounts to them. George Davis is the best! He answers our questions. We opened a living trust and did financial planning with him. We are beyond pleased with the service they provide and highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with cruising their retirement accounts.”

Cynthia and Ron


“We have been working with Adrian Elder at Yuma Investment Group for many years. He helped us begin our investment journey. From the beginning, Adrian was friendly and helpful. He solicited our wants and needs. We have a great plan, stable future and the knowledge that Adrian always puts our needs first. I would recommend him to anyone interested in an investment professional who uses the latest tools of the trade to find the right products for you.”

Pamela M.


“I began with YIG through my company’s 401B retirement plan back in the year 2000, and my husband began investing his retirement savings with them about the same time. We had great service, both personally and professionally. Since my husband died, George Davis had made sure that my portfolio matches up with my needs. Even when the market has been off, my investments have stayed good. We have regular meetings by phone (I have moved away from Yuma), and when I have questions or concerns, I receive a prompt response. Although I do miss meeting in person, I am very satisfied with the relationship we have developed over the years and the continued good care that I receive from George and all of YIG.”

Bob J.


“George Davis listens to my thoughts and desires for my retirement goals. He has managed my investments wonderfully. When I need something, he delivers. He is proactive and has helped me accomplish more than I ever imagined.”