Community Support

Community Support

Since its founding in 2001, Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management and its 17 employees have sponsored many community events and have raised a significant amount of money to be donated to various organizations in Yuma. Financial support since 2001 has been well over $250,000.

A few of the larger events are:

Teacher of the Year and trip to Hawaii since 2004.

Come Wine with Us raising over $50,000 to be donated to a different non-profit over a five-year period.

Annual Golf tournament has raised over $20,000 for the AZ Children Association in 2 years.

Nonprofits that we support:

Each year Yuma Investment Group picks a Non-profit agency to support during our Casual for a Cause.  Casual for a Cause is a program started in 2018 where every Friday any employee can pay $5 to dress causal for the day.  At the end of the year all the donations are gathered, and Yuma Investment Group matches 100%.  Please email to let us know about your non-profit.

Yuma Community Food Bank

Hospice of Yuma

Amberly’s Place

Young Life

Humane Society of Yuma

Knights of Columbus

AZ Western College Scholarship

School Tuition Association of Arizona

Somerton Middle School Wrestling

Career and Technical Student Organization

Freedom Library


Ballet of Yuma

AZ Children’s Association

Littlewood Art Co-op

Yuma Catholic Radio

Children’s Museum

Miss Yuma County Pageant

Public Safety

The Yuma Rotary

Crossroads Mission

Somerton Rotary

Caballeros de Yuma

Navy League

Catholic Community Services of Yuma

United Yuma Firefighter’s

Rio Colorado Yuma Chapter Arizona Nurses Association

San Luis Frontera Rotary

Angeles del Desierto National Association of Nurses


Sea Cadets


Yuma Catholic High School